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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post
When you say it didn't change out the top end are you saying completely unweighted the boat still gets 45+ ??

All I can tell you is what Eric told me and that was the top end would drop and I would not be happy with it. He did offer to let me test both the 5 blade and a 4 bladed he recommended to me. I'd be doing that the beginning of next year.
There isn't an X25 on the planet that will go 45mph+ on a stock prop with a 5.7L. I've had two new X-Stars as well that both topped out at 38-39mph with no added weight (both 5.7's as well). With the 5 blade I still get to upper 30's close to 40 and that's the same as all three of my MC's. Someone on here did a Prop test and his results were the same as my findings and his top speeds were the same as my boats too.
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