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Originally Posted by pram View Post
nope, first time that I have done this. I bought the boat only last year and had it winterized at the dealer in Redding. I always fogged my last one, but it was a carb, not injected

So I guess I need to put it all back together and take it back to the lake

well, maybe this will make me go for one last ski then this year :P
If you saw smoke after spraying the fogging oil in, it should be OK. If not, you can remove the spark plugs, squirt some into each cylinder, replace the plugs and crank it over a few times with the safety switch out. It's not ideal if the winter has many temperature inversions and moist air, the condensation in the heads and cylinders could cause some rust on valves and seats, but with the number of still-working engines that have been sitting for years/decades without any care at all, one winter won't kill it.
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