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Thanks for the positive feedback.

After doing a bit more research, it appears that Indmar has changed their position on fogging on the LT1. The LT1 is considered a dry intake, I believe because it is multi port fuel injected. If it were a throttle body fuel injected, it would considered wet. The most recent info from Indmar, per Vince at SkiDIM, is that you only fog through the LT1 by removing the spark plugs and spraying directly in the cylinder.

I have updated the checklist to reflect this new information. So if you downloaded it already, you might want to do so again.

Additionally, I am still checking into the RV anti-freeze. According to Vince at SkiDIM, they use RV anti-freeze and have for years. I have come to find out that there are two types, ethanol and proplyene glycol. I was thinking that Vince was going to say he used the newer proplyene glycol, but NO, they use the ethanol. I also have a call into Indmar to see what their most recent position is. I will update the lists again once I have the info.

Also of note, after talking to several marinas, most of them are now using the antifreeze method instead of dry blocking. They say their customers like it better. Instead of having to have customers come back in the spring to re-install their plugs, the customer can just put the boat in the water and start it up. Interesting enough, they use to charge $70 in the fall and $70 in the spring, many of the charge $150 in the fall now. None of them seem to know anything about using or not using RV antifreeze in Al heads. They all seem to use it, only SkiDIM knew which type (ethanol).
1996 Prostar 205 LT-1
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