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Few comments:
Don't fog thru the intake on a dry intake engine like the LT-1. If you must fog it, pull the sparkplugs and give each hole a shot and then crank the engine a couple times. I wouldn't bother fogging it.
Personally I'd run the fuel low and then Stabilize what's left and run the engine to get the stabilized fuel thru the system. Non metallic fuel tanks I've never had condensation problems (sleds, boats, bikes, even in the moist northwest and midwest). No sense in having 30 gal of old boat gas to start the year out on.
Engine oil, biggest debate ever, but I've used 15W40 diesel oil for years. Cheaper than synthetic racing oil.
Whether you antifreeze the engine or not (I vote not), I'd drain everything first. Hoses, r/w pump, exh manifolds, block drains (1 knock sensor, 1 petcock,take the petcock out, don't just open it), heater, blow out and definately add some AF to it, shower, cant really blow out the pump, but I haven't had one freeze and break by just running it dry and disconnecting the hoses and draining them.
You'd be surprised the amount of rust that comes out of the manifolds and possibly sand out of the block drains. If you get a solid stream out of each block drain for 20-30 sec?? it's drained. 50/50 on whether to just leave all the plugs out of the engine for the winter. Used to do that to allow it to dry out, but now I just button it back up right away.

I also used to change the fuel filters, my PS LT-1 had 2. 1 by the engine and one on top of the tank, in the spring incase any fuel sat and gummed them up, but that was prolly just my OCD kicking in.
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