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Shower Temperature Problems 2012 X25

I have a 2012 X25 with a shower - the temp varies substantially VERY hot to rather cold. Next time i'm out in the boat I am going to look at the temp vs RPM and Engine Temp to see if i can detect a pattern.

I have the 5.7 Illmore, it's a factory shower - and like a few others, I'm not thrilled with the kitchen faucet looking knob to adjust the temp- it's too easy to bump - and if I toss a fat sac in the back storage compartment there's no way the temp is not going to get "readjusted"...

Regardless, the temp changes erratically. I have had a Heatercraft shower in the past on other boats with no problems at all.

I suspect it may be the Illmore thermostat - they seem to be set to run across a wide range - maybe 130 to 155 degrees. The factory doesn't have a solution.

Is anyone else having a similar problem? Any solutions?
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