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Originally Posted by Thrall View Post
Towing, the Eco is a little better. At high altitude I'm sure the Eco will dust the 5.0 though.
Mileage, about the same between my 5.0 and guy at work's Eco. His is 4x4 crew cab Eco, mine 2wd Ext cab 5.0 with enough tools in the back that it weighs as much or more than his.
We both avg 18-18.5 commuting mostly highway.
The 5.0 tows great. Best engine/trans combo I've ever driven for a gasser. I have yet to pull anything with GM's new 6speed auto/6.2 or teh newest 5.7 Hemi's (6speed now too?).
It pulls better than any of the big 5 (incl Nippon and Yota) of a few years ago. I avg about 13mpg pulling a 8 to 14klb trailer with the 5.0.
I had an '07 Denali 6.2 with the 6-speed auto and although it was good towing the X-star on flat ground, the hills on I-81 in VA would slow it down a bit with the A/C on too. 10 mpg towing the star, 16-17 solo highway. Never got any higher mpg than that.
The '07 suburban with the 5.3 liter and 4-speed auto does ok pulling, almost as good as the 6.2 (except on hills) and gets 10-11 mpg towing, 17-18 solo so not much gained. I do like being able to use 4WD low for steep ramps and for backing into the barn uphill.
I was njskier on here.
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