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I finished up my 1973 Skier a few months ago. I have now started working on the 1970 much more. Before I purchased the 1970 I pulled the floor panels and checked the stringers and the motor mount bolts. They appeared to be solid. Hence the purchase. I pulled the floor last weekend. It had the original floor last weekend. I also did some core samples on each side. I was shocked they cam back solid and not moist. There was a 12 inch section of damp wood and the passenger side by the battery box area in the secondary floor support. This was no shock. I have done this repair on a couple of others. The new floor will be glassed in soon. I am cleaning and painting the engine. New exhaust manifolds will go on soon as well as the Carter AFB is being sent off for rebuild.

The boat runs runs well and skis well. Crazy loud with the Chrysler 340 with straight hoses.

I am stripping the white off the deck The deck should be red with a white accent stripe, sides are red with white band. I found remnants of the original red carpet by the gas tank. I will have the seats redone in the period correct white vinyl. I will decal it as is the boat in the pic. And yes the pylon is original. It is the longer version just like the 1973 boat. It appears many of the earlier boats had the tall one. Anybody know why?
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