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your kinda all over the place in the boating world with those 3...
35 is actually the deepest in the line, and the freeboard is definitely the largest, so if rough water concern is #1, then i would look at this one
45 is a monster... could hold an Italian family reunion on it, personally i wouldnt want to trailer it with anything other than a 2500 frame vehicle (my xstar is at the limits of my tahoe). I think it ranks second to the 25 as far as a wakeboard wake but is probably just as good of a surfing boat. Also would want to get the big engine with this boat.
25 is also a large boat, reasonable size with a great wake for wakeboarding and surfing. Would probably be ok with the 5.7 unless your going to absolutely slam it.

for me, i would go with the 25 unless space or rough water ride was a big concern
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