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Originally Posted by Rossterman View Post
You won't likely be able to hone out that much corrosion but will need to completely disassemble the engine to determine if it can be salvaged. You could have lifters,rusted in the block and other problems as well. Based on. All the coroners ion on the engine mounts , it looks like it might have been underwater or swamped? Is that what happened? If so you probably want to pull and clean all the electrical connections to ensure no corrosion as well.
Good points ref. the lifters etc Rossterman. We're looking to pull the engine next weekend (probably take the transmission out first - bit worried about that too). We bought the boat last week so we don't know the history - although we thought it had water ingestion after pulling a few plugs when we first looked at the boat and yes we suspect it's be swamped or under water (and then not cleaned up after) - but strangely the oil looks pretty ok. We purchased the boat at a very keen price so new lump is in our budget.

I'll pull the transmission and engine and update you all.
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