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Well we collected our new project yesterday and today we had a good look at the engine to find out why it wouldn't turn. Firstly we got all the plug out (needed a breaker bar on most), they all looked pretty corroded. Next step, we took off the exhaust risers (so we could take a look in the exhaust ports) - and when they came off unfortunately we could see the problem - water!

Next step, we took the heads off and the barrels are corroded, as are the pistons and the heads (see picture). Looks like it's had water in through the exhaust manifold.

So, next step is to take the engine out and to inspect it. Can you guys advise if you'd take the engine out with the V drive attached, or would you remove the V drive first? And how do you get the engine out of an X Star (there seems to be a fibre glass cross member over the V Drive that looks like it would get in the way).

Also, as the head, barrel and pistons are corroded would you buy a new engine - or would you get the barrels re-honed, get new pistons etc? (assuming the bottom end is ok)
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