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Originally Posted by XStar08 View Post
You should go with the one from your local dealer, the 8.1l is an outdated engine. I would not base my decision on hours since these engines are both made to last for a lot more.

Originally Posted by JohnE View Post
Outdated because of emissions. The 8.1 is the best engine that has ever been available in a larger mc. The only reason every big mc didn't come with one is because of the additional cost. When an engine that cost less money could "do the job" they would justify the choice.

I'm yet to see the best engine for a boat not be the most expensive option.
Exactly right. If there wasn't an additional cost of more than 12k over the MCX and 6k over the LY6, everyone would have the big block in their 45. No two ways about it.

I have yet to hear one of these people that claim there were issues with the L18 come to the table with anything to support their statements... Just goes to show you that the issues were not as many as people think.
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