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When your spending this kind of money get exactly what you want. The end of the summer is here in the southeast so do get impatient right now because in 30-60 days it will be in the garage. I'm a color person too. I would always choose color over motor. I also think it's important your wife likes it too. If you carry her to the lake in boat she didn't want to buy and something happens you will hear.....I told you we should've bought the other boat.

I was in the same spot at the start of summer...I had a pocket full of money and looking for a boat. Which isn't a good spot to be, but I waited and found one exactly like I was wanting it did take 30-45 days but I did find it! It was an easy deal and was 4 hours form home. I heard my wife say three to four times this year, I'm so glad we waited and got exactly what we wanted, and I agree. We've really enjoyed our boat this year too!

Good luck.
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