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Trying to make a decision, X45

I am looking at two similarly priced used X45s and need some help with the decision.

The first one is a 2008 with 8.1 engine with 311 hours on it. This boat looks great in the pictures and is too far away for me to inspect it before buying. The local Mastercraft dealer is selling it and they will provide service history and have been helpful answering my questions. This boat has few more options than the other boat.

The second boat is a 2009 x45 with almost 400 hours on it and it has the LY6 engine. My local Mastercraft dealer is selling this one. They said this was their demo boat in 2009 and then was sold to a customer. They bought it back on a trade for a newer model a few weeks ago.

Which would you choose? The older model with fewer hours and the bigger engine or the newer model with the smaller engine and more hours?

How much gas is that big block going to drink? I have seen some post where people talk about gallons per hour is it going to be that big of a difference?

I plan to use the boat in the Atlanta area and will tow it to other local lakes.

Any help is appreciated. I am new to your forum and have received a lot of help so far.
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