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Well there are some guys on the who plan to make a custom gate and want to sell their kit...but with a "patent pending" I fell this would be very risky to try selling it...

However bad point for Bu is that they don't sell a retrofit kit for their owners...there are some angry 2011-2012 owners for sure !!

that's a 3000$ option for malibu, my custom tabs should be around 1000-1500$...

For the bracket, my last protoype is strong enough but i'll use it only a few times to test, the first version I made was weak on some hinges and the water bent it in less than 10 seconds, but the platform held well...

From what I experimented and according to the guys on malibucrew, the water force on the gate is around 80kgs...That's not so much IMO...every lenco actuator can handle roughly 250-300kgs...

Biggest deal is to make the right custom tabs to fit the transom, the gate has to deploy at 30-40° with a slight inward angle
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