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well, good news and maybe bad. I was able to get the coupler apart from the transmission flange. I kept banging on it with a rubber mallet, turn, bang, turn... and I could see it start to separate, but because of a lip on the face of the coupler that fit inside the flange I couldn't loosen it completely that way. I then attached the prop puller and gave it a few good whacks and it separated.

Now, thinking I could get any 4" coupler to fit a 1" single-tapered shaft and my Borg Warner, skidim says theirs won't work to replace? This is the one they said would fit my Borg Warner Velvet Drive - but said it would not replace the coupler I have. I am very confused. I know they aren't the same...but I was thinking it would still be fine. I attached a picture of the one currently on there. You can see the nut inside the coupler, and has a cotter pin (some pics show it removed) through the end of the shaft to hold the nut. I've looked on a lot of websites, and they all sell the same style coupler as skidim. Could anyone confirm which coupler I should use?

Also, to remove the transmission flange, do I just remove the nut inside the flange? I want to clean it up as suggested.Thanks!
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