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Custom surfgate project

So after seeing a LOT of people building their own surfgate (go check on malibucrew or centurion forums), this stuff started growing on me...

My history... 08' X2, not the perfect surf boat as you know, actually i'm putting close to 2500lbs of ballast to get a wake as clean as possible...but that damn boat is so peaky i'm getting tired of leaning the boat to death...

As you may have seen, the surfgate is pretty easy, let's say just some sideways trim tabs...pretty big tabs, around 20-22"

Here is a pic from the stock surfgate from Malibu

I'm planning to buy some lenco actuators, hinges, and build my own stainless steel tabs which will fit the X2 transom...

Before that winter project I wanted to test some prototypes to see if that stuff works on our MC, so i made my own surfgate that's currently mounted on the teak deck, check the attached images...As you can see it's pretty basics but holds very well, it's not intended to stay on the boat for sure but that was perfect for a little test...

Unfortunately I have no pics yet of the wake as i tested the system yesterday at dusk so it was too dark to shoot some good pics but i'll have soon !

What I found :

- It works VERY well, even with my tiny 17" tabs, I mounted it to the STB side so i rode on PTD
- The wake shape is TOTALLY different with a good lenght compared to anything I could get with my 2500lbs of ballast, and i was using only stock ballasts and 600lbs on PTD !!
- The tabs really delay the convergence of the wake, allowing the surfwake to roll over the delayed wake so it's not disturbed, that was the first time I could get a really clear lip on a X2
- What is the pressure on the tabs : around 80-100kgs (according to my experience and the bunch of guys who tried this like me)
- You have to slightly countersteer to compensate the gate effect...

I'll get some pics and vid ASAP, I was wondering of some of you guys tried this like me ??!

One thing is sure : next summer my X2 will be surfgate ready, I'm a true MC die hard but that Malibu system is and will be a game changer for sure !
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