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Just bought X Star '05 as a project

Hi all,

Thought I'd quickly drop a post onto the forum. Myself and a mate have just bought an '05 X Star with the 350 MCX engine, we got it for a keen price as the engine is going to need some work (or possibly be replaced).

Engine situation is this:

1) Engine won't turn (but the starter is trying to turn the engine - you can see if straining)
2) Most of the plugs are in well tight (seized in)
3) We got one plug out, and the tip was very rusty
4) Looking into the oil fill hole on the rocker cover, the valve springs seemed pitted with rust
5) But, checking the oil, it seemed pretty ok (not emulsified)

How would you guys go about investigating the engine not turning? What would you do first?

And for the worst case scenario, how difficult is it to pull the engine out?

Cheers in advance.... Adrian
'92 190 Prostar 260hp Indmar.
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