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As a small business owner, I'm glad to see that so many people agree with my frustration. A quick fix on my boat, which I purchased in late May from the dealership should not stand behind an engine tear down are any other long project. The owner of this dealership is not managing it well and could be seeing higher profits with better business practices. Just my 2 cents but I love to make $ when I go to work. As a result of such slow service, they will be losing my business which probably will mean selling me a boat or two in the future. Don't misunderstand me, their expertise is fine, just business skills are missing. I couldn't successfully run my business like that. I might add that another Master craft dealer has reached out to assist me with my boat service needs. They already have a check by their name now with me. I bought this nice boat to enjoy with my friends, not leave it parked at a dealership waiting on simple service.

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