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In 1990 I bought my first and only new boat, a MasterCrsft ProStar 190, for just a hair under $20,000.00. At that time, you could buy a brand new, full size, well equipped truck for about the same money. As we all know, new trucks, MC boats and everything else has gone up. However what I see is MC boats have gone up disproportionately. A top of the line Ford/Dodge/Chevrolet truck (4X4, diesel, leather, crew cab, all options) can be bought for around $55,000.00, give or take a few thousand. A top of the line MC boat is how much?...$125,000.00-$150,000.00. The average working "Joe" has pretty much been pushed out of the new boat market and even the used ones are barely affordable unless they're getting some years on them.
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