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I had a conversation with my brother while at the lake about 8 years ago and I told him that I thought inboard manufactures would price themselves out of buisness once boats hit $80,000 but I was wrong. I just could not imagine who could possibly spend $80,000 on a boat. Not only that but you would think after a few years the few who could afford it would still be hanging onto that same boat and not returning to buy another one.

I just keep thinking that at some point we are going to see a global reset on pricing of large ticket items because people will finally wake up and see that a GM Tahoe made on a ladder frame truck platform (that has been around forever) is not worth damn near $70,000.

Please understand that I am all for those who have worked hard and can afford a new boat, I just find it hard to believe that a boat it worth $100,000 and that there are enough people willing to spend it.
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