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Its definitely not the same for every buyer. I can't imagine 75% of people that buy a brand new boat pay with cash... but who knows. I sure hope so, that'd be great. For those that can't afford to drop 80-100+ grand on a boat at the dealer, the used market is a great thing. MC has made amazing boats since the 60's. Nothing wrong with getting an old school vintage and loving the hell out of it for years to come.

I envy all of those able to buy the new boats, and I know some day my day will come, but now that's not in cards. I'll enjoy my old skier for a while... as I'm sure lots of others will be happy with their older MC as well.

The best part about the MC family is that nobody cares what year your boat came from. They only care that it works, works well, and that you're happy with it. If it doesn't work well, there's a whole hell of a lotta people that will help you get it working well on these forums. Long live the MC's...
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