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Originally Posted by Double D View Post
Nice vid! That's a pretty skinny river at some points. Anyone ever lose the rope before a ball and hit the shore? Oh, that would be something I would do...

Thanks! I was a bit narrow, but still wide enough to run the pass that day. amazing what progress i made after kyle coached me. Now I am so wide and early, the 15 pass is a given, i am deep into 22 each time and dabbling with a few tries at 28.

What I am working on now is getting the hips to the handle and the handle to the hips at the buoy - got to bring the handle down!!!!! If i could get that perfected, i'd run that 28 pass this year.

yes, the river site is narrow, and its shallow. props have been hit this year... i have had to let loose a few times and had to turn my ski down coarse to avoid skiing into shore.
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