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You definitely don’t need a dealer and if the only thing wrong is the MMDC waiting 2 weeks is ridiculous for them to even look at. It has 2 screws that mount it under the dash and depending on the model about a 16 to 24 pin plug that connects to the wiring harness. A ten minute fix that no doubt you will pay the minimum labor fee of 2 to 4 hours. That being said the MMDC controls/assists a lot of stuff in the VDIG so you could have an electrical issue which can take hours to follow the wires diagnosing the problem. If that’s the case you no doubt will go to the back of the line for boats they can get out quickly… In my opinion a good dealer would have swapped out the MMDC while you waited because it’s so quick and if that fixed it sent you on your way the same day… especially if you purchased your boat from them new or used that usually carries a lot of weight.
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