Thread: 2013 X25 vs X30
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Also when weighted we usually ride with the plate all the way up. I need to get some pics of the wake.

Originally Posted by MileHiGuy247 View Post
I have the same delima. Testing boats in similar conditions with the way we load our boats with typical gear and people is a pita.

I have heard the 30 does not take big lake boat chop as well as a 25 but at 1'7" greater length, that must mean that the 30 does not cut through very well?

We wakeboard more than we surf but we are looking for a thrilling ride. I don't mind plumbing in extra ballast but refuse to have it in the way if that makes a difference.
2013 X-30, 6.0L with 2500lbs of ballast and 500 lbs of lead.
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