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The screws are pointed like wood screws, yes, but that picture is taken at the stern above the gas tank showing the hull and top deck attaching, or not attaching.

The windsheild is only missing a chunk on the port side, the rest is filled with a foam type tape used for draft protection. I guess I will look at replacing all of it with a rubber style, that would look much better. Thanks for the pictures.

I agree it is pretty bad body work, not sure what I am gonig to find under all that paint hence why I am trying to figure out how to get it off with out doing damage to what ever is under.

I am really hoping not to have to re gel the boat but until I take the paint off I am not going to be sure what I am dealing with. It really looks like the only repairs that were done, were on the top deck not the hull. So I might get away with just removing what was done and re doing it with colour matched gel.

The boat is only painted on the top deck and the sides down to the gray strip.

I am going to do a little bit of wet sanding in a small out of the way area to see if I can figure out how thick the paint is as well as what condition the gel coat is under it?
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