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It all depends. It can cost as much as $6000 or as little as $3000 depending on what you are getting and if you want a customer design. Home jobs are tough. You can order solid vinyl color...check out this they sell all sorts of stuff for wraps...they are on of my customers. The trick is to make sure the the surface is smooth and clean. The wrappers I know use vinegar and isopropyl alcohol to make sure the surface is free of any contaminants. There's all sorts of stuff you can do... a boat is easy to wrap compared to a car...less seams and objects to wrap around...i.e. side mirrors.

It takes practice to make it easy. Small set of tools needed...they are all available at places like or

The guy who started did his first wrap when he started his company...took him 3 weeks to wrap a pick up truck and lots of vinyl waste...

PM me with your city and I can get you hooked up with some wrappers so you can at least get an estimate...
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