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Here is a picture of it looking pretty good from far away. I'll see if I can't get how bad it really is to show up in some pictures this afternoon.

I was quoted over 15,000 for a pro to clean it up and give it a whole new gelcoat. I just can't justify spending that short of money. Not that I don't think it's worth that at a pro shop but I think much of that is just the labour hours it's going to take sanding it down after I get the paint out.

My thinking is that if I can get the paint off and fix as many of the dings and issues myself: 1) I will learn a new skill which is always nice, 2) I will have a boat that I can take some true pride in, knowing I did it myself.

I am thinking I will still need to have it sent out once I do all the leg work to be re gelcoated, although I won't know how bad it is until I get the paint off.

I was reading last night that probably acetone is the place to start and if that doesn't work move to airplane stripper?
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