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Automotive Paint Over/On Top Of Gel Coat

Starting my research on my maybe winter project. I purchased my 92 Prostar this spring and have started working through issues as they come up this season.

The boat was redone at some point not long ago and from afar and in pictures looks great. It's once you’re up close to start to notice a few problems/issues. These range from missing foam below the windshield, to an obvious patch and filler on the gunnel, to the seam between the hull and top deck not meeting up as they should.

I took this boat in as a trade and new it would be a bit of a project to get it into the condition I would be happy with, but it runs and gets me and my family on the lake, which is by far the most important part of owning a boat.

Now you know the back story I am going to use this thread to detail my progress and help me find answers to the questions I can't seem to search out. Thanks everyone in advance.

First issue I am going to tackle is that the boat was painted, which as I mentioned makes it look great from far away. Although up close you can tell it is a re paint, most due to very obvious rock chips on the bow. I was told it look like it was painted with automotive paint, probably right over the old Gel coat.

So what do you guys suggest is the best way to remove the paint without ruining the gel coat? Suggestions?
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