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Pylon update

My pylon was horribly corroded, so a replacement was in order. Jim @ BAWS was very helpful in looking up replacements, but there are no options for a direct replacement that looks like my old pylon.

So, off to the local machine shop for a quote. I need them to turn a new pylon, polish and fab the cross piece and remove the old pylon from the steel cross member. They're also welding on new nuts to the steel cross member. All for $350. Not too bad considering the lowest cost new pylon I could find was $290.

The pylon will be just polished aluminum, so I'm going to have to look after the finish / corrosion. The bottom part will be lubed up with grease or neversieze, any ideas for alternatives or topside metal polish? Seems there are a lot of options for motorcycles that look good.

I'm hoping to get the pylon first thing next week.
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