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Back to work

Well, it's a month later and I've been on vacation and travelling for work. Slow going on getting the boat into the water. I keep telling myself it WILL be in for this summer!

Last weekend was a good push on getting the primary stringers cut and skegs/rudder/strut back in place. This weekend will be finishing the stringer install and start planning for support pipes to run wiring, fuel lines, etc.

I found the sawzall with a long metal blade was perfect for cutting out the primary stringers. The fiberglass around the secondary stringers was either rotted or thinner because the oscillating multi-tool did great for the secondary, but struggled with the primary. Sawzall ripped right through it.

Grinding sucks.

Primary stringers were cut from 2x10x12' douglas fir. They sat in my garage at 35% humidity for a week before I put them in, so I'm hoping all is well and long lasting here. I used the same technique with the laser level as for the outside stringers. I used a protractor (thin plastic one with a hole in it) as a scribe - ball point pen through the hole and just followed the hull. Did this for both sides, cut and planed to the line and perfect fit.

Today, primary stringers got bedded and filleted into the hull. Tomorrow, a full effort of fiberglass lay-up on both stringers. Lots of epoxy going down with two layers of roving to match the factory layup.

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