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First, disconnect power from the battery or turn your battery switch to OFF.

There are 2 screws that hold the timer box to the wall under the rear port seat (at least that is where it is in an X2). Remove those and the box should come free.

There will be a heavy red wire that connects to the circuit breakers and a heavy black wire that connects to the ground bus bar. Disconnect these. I suggest putting electrical tape around the cable ends as they go directly to the battery.

There should be a 12 pin plug that connects the timers to the dash switches. Unplug this.

Then disconnect the pump wires from the controllers. They should be should be orange and blue wires. you can see them in the 1st post. On my boat, I had to cut the orange and blue wires and use wire nuts to reconnect, but Brooks' box had bullet connectors that pull apart. Be sure to label the orange and blue pairs so you know how to reconnect them.

Thats about it for removal.
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