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Thank you all.

mayo93prostar - thanks for all the tips. I'll try what you mentioned first on the gelcoat. I'm hoping the fading under the decals & discoloration from the adhesive come out that way. One thing though - I'm a newbie to gelcoat care, and am still unsure whether to wetsand by hand or with a hoook & loop buffer/sander if it needs it. Like I said, I've had trouble finding ANY wet sand paper that are hook and loop. They're all just sheets (mainly 3M brand), so I'm assuming it is all done by hand, until I get to the 3M compound?

mgorczak1 - thanks for pointing out the drive shaft coupler. I've been searching for a replacement high and low, and only can find this: Like I said, I'm a newbie, and am unsure if I can just replace the coupler itself somehow? If so, any idea where to get it possibly online? As to the interior, there is someone local that is very good (used him before), and VERY reasonable. He'll be doing everything from upholstery to new wood sideboards and new carpet. She'll look very different afterwards!

jakethebt - thank you for showing me - I found the cup holders on there and they look nice. I'll make sure to note what you said about the perko flush kit when winterizing. Also, I got 50' of the blower hose so I plan on replacing it all.

rholmes - I'll look there as well. Thanks!

thatsmrmastercraft - well, I'll admit I definitely don't think it's as much of a project as some of the boats I've seen restored on here, BUT for me it's definitely a project.

Thanks again everyone and I'll definitely be posing pics as I go along.
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