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I second what Mayo93prostar said...

The flush pro kit is fine. The only issue some people have on here is that if you use short pc of hose in the fall to suck antifreeze out of a bucket, sometimes the water pump cannot get enough suction and you need to tape over the water inlet. Not a problem unless you forget and leave the tape on.

As for cup holders, last time I looked has SS one for the cheapest price around. They are great to work with for anything you need inside the engine compartment.

Yes, the hose with a hole is for the bilge blower. You can fix it with duct tape for the time being, but you want to replace it as it is a safety item.

As for stickers, Jim @ BAWS is the place to go. He can hook you up with replacements. I am sure he will be along soon too...

Congrats on the boat. You will find on here real quick that the price of advice on here is pictures of the progress...
1996 Prostar 205 LT-1
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