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Originally Posted by ntidsl View Post

This past weekend I took a hose, a spray bottle of fabric softener and a few beers into the boat. I soaked the carpet good....I mean real good then scrubbed the heck out of it with a scrub brush for a good half hour...then hosed it out as well as I could. Repeated...then sprayed a dose of fabric softener in a scrubbed that in. Then lightly hosed out the excess. I then dried rigorously with 3 beach towels to further fluff...I was wore out!!! Tow hours of hosing, scrubbing and drinking

Three hours of intense sun and heat later I couldn't tell the difference between the carlet under the doghouse and the carpet that used to be trampled flat.

So excited!!!

BTW...the bilge was immaculate when I was done! I reading this right? U can take a hose to the interior carpet, soak it and let it drain down to the bildge with out doing any damage. I have an 01 205 v. With all my previouse boats( I/0s) it ruins the floor. A lot of marine plywood. Is this safe to do w/ a mc? THANKS!!!: confused:
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