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Originally Posted by sxerob View Post
Accelerator pump needed to be re-installed. It has a good shot from idle now.

Problem now is starting. When I took the carb apart, I fixed the pump but then adjusted the float. I have it set parallel to the bottom now. When I brought it back out it fired up but I forgot to put the choke wires on so it died. Reconnected that and inspected the linkage and it seemed to be fine.

From there, it was very hard to start. Turned the idle mix screws back in waited a while, pumped the gas a few times and it started but rough. Adjusted idle screws pump the gas a few times to see if the accelerator pump was adjusted properly and it ran pretty well. After about 10 min, I shut it down.

Came out this morning to fire it up and got nothing. The crank from the battery seems a bit low and I noticed there was fuel coming from the venturies (sp?), which I thought wasn't supposed to happen at idle. If the float level is set incorrectly, could that be sending fuel through the Venturi? Other than that, it's idle screws or bad battery... Can I test the battery with it connected?

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You are on the right track. Sounds like you need to look at the float level again. Also, with a properly working accelerator pump, you may only need to pump the throttle once. More than that may be too much. You might also use a can of carb cleaner to check the base gasket for vacuum leaks.

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