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I set out to do this a last year and bailed on the project before I drilled one hole. I bought everything needed too. Thinking it will help the surf wake....
Lenco actuators, 9x12 Edge tabs with the trick lights telling you where the tab is, and sold it for a small loss....You can find them for about 600.00
Not that drilling holes is the problem, but most loaded stars ride low enough in the front end right ?
So the making it ride lower in the front would of helped me turn my star into a submerine with the weight I run, as most do. Riding lower is exactly what your tab will do when engauged.
Even with retracted it 30 degrees, or whatever it will still show up in your wake. You are
extending the back of your boat in 2 spots only...or 1 if you choose attitude plate. Either way, I asure you, you will see an effect to your wakes shape and form just I saw in previous boats I have added plates or tabs too. In those boats it helped. They wern't mastercrafts tho either, or a hull design that had the most R & D invested prior to the 2013 star. In the star (NO WAY) no need to lower the nose.....Not even getting out of the hole loaded, get the right prop for that. Just remember, what goes up ? comes down ? so shutting down a tab engauged loaded boat with some of your friends lifes in your hands, on a low bow riding boat already, may get you into something you cant get out of. I'm sure your experianced like alot of us on this site.
I wanted it real bad just like you, change, to make it better, wakeboarding, or surf wake.
I came to the conclusion, the star is one of the best wakebaording wakes to ride just the way it is, and it doesn't surf like a 25,35,45,55 or other brand boats. But other boats don't have the wakeboarding wake ? No boats perfect, but even to use as a surf tab to lean the boat over to surf, it will effect the wake when wakebaording.
Anyone came accomplish this, but why again ? To get a better holeshot ? get a bigger engine,prop, that is a sure bet.
I did not want to compermise my wake at any cost. I walked away.

Good Luck in your desicion....
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