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Originally Posted by onebadrubi View Post
I will second this. I have a buddy with 09 malibu. We made him put the wedge down for the first time this summer this past week. We have around 2,000lbs of ballast and that is all that is needed in that boat. The wedge did change the wake, but nothing that was even needed. It definitely creates more drag and pulling the back of the boat down (as if more ballast in the rear), but I prefer the wake without the wedge down.

In my opinion only, the Malibu wedge is on the only style that theoretically makes sense to work.
been there and done that,...100% true!!

@ willyt
Heavy on the delta pad,..that,s what i was thinking about.
So what size of trimtab to start with?
ideally start small and work out bigger but i can not buy 5 plates or so.
Doesn,t the new star has the same delta pad?...and a Plate?

I ,m a fiberglass/gelcoat man so no worry,s there,..if it schreds of i gues it will leave a nice row of screw holes.

i,ve changed my prop 3 times by now,....i,m done buying props...and most of all i,m done buying new boats..(7)..Ps the new star is out of reach anyway.
I appreciate your comment on Q3 but it would be nice to know why i shouldn,t do this.
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