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My dock is kind of hard to explain... I literally probably got the last available space on the lake since i just got the boat mid season and i'm lucky i even found one. My spce isn't even really a space but i'll try to explain it the best i can. It's pretty much a big square dock about a 25' square with two spaces one on each side like a normal dock. The guy i got it from took like a 10' self-made square and just attached to to the front of the dock so it's not even a slot that i pull into i pretty much just pull straight ahead at the dock and have only one side to get off the boat and i tie the front of the boat to the dock nose first using only the front two cleats on the nose of the boat... I really hope i explained it well enough to understand. If you have nay questions let me know...

The problem is that the boat on my right sticks out about 2' longer than the dock and when hit reverse "so i don't crash into the front of the dock" my rear end swings that way and almost hits his boat every time and 2-3 times i tapped it. It did no damage at all but if he were to see how i park the thing every time i'm sure he wouldn't be happy just like i wouldn't if it were my boat in his position.

So pretty much i'm doing all that i can do somewhat the right way i just have to slowly get better and adjust accordingly over time until i master it?

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