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Question How to properly park a mastercraft?

I am very new to boating and i just bought a 1997 Mastercraft Maristar with the Corvette LT1 engine in it. I am having so much trouble parking it i can't even explain lol...

Unlike other boats this has a V-drive and the prop doesn't go up or down. For some reason when i am approaching my dock as soon as i put it in neutral the boat makes a hardddd left turn so what i have been doing it just coming in with it just ever so slightly clicked in gear and then ram reverse before i crash into the dock (still very fast though for parking, all my passengers always go woah woah woah and then i slame reverse and they're all like "dude!, woah woah woah!, phew! , i thought u were taking the dock out man!". This seems to be the only way i have somewhat control of the boat while parking it. I see everyone else come into the dock and they just line up and some even turn the boat completely off and the thing just coasts right into the space like a piece of cake.

Is there a certain way, trick or anything i am supposed to be doing to park a V-drive stationary prop driven boat ?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
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