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Wow, really surprised you're having trouble with the way you're set up. '03 X-30 here and we were able to go ropeless even back in the stock hard tanks no additional ballast days. Wasn't a great wake, but still.

How deep is the lake/river? Our lake is quite shallow (8ft) and this time of year as the water gets lower I find that I have to put more and more weight up front. For example, this weekend we had 5 guys on the boat and surf starboard side. Had 1100 in the rear locker and to offset that needed the 650 horseshoe in the bow, 370 in the ski locker, 750 in the bow walkway (all the way forward), AND two guys in the bow. Without all that weight in the nose the wake was just frothy. I normally don't need all that in the bow but once it gets to about 7 ft and below I do. I also have an 8.1L so may need a little more in the bow than normal to offset that as well.
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