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Originally Posted by addictedoffroad View Post
I own a Toyota based offroad shop and do a lot of timing belts and timing chains on these vehicles. Its a shame that all dealers charge "Book rate" on these. It might have taken the first guy 4hrs to do it, but to a seasoned mechanic it will take 1/4 of that time. I just did one on a 3.0L V6 last week. Took me an hour and a half with a new water pump as well. FWIW, that 3.0L had 317K on the original belt. Yes, its was way overdue and cracked, but at only 90K, I bet the belt is still in very good shape. Just my $.02

I have an 01' 7.3L Excursion. 186K on it. I have a tuner and mods done to it. 4" Lift, 35s, and have done a lot to the suspension to get it tow-worthy for a lot of weight. I get 17.5mpg unloaded. The boat only knocks it down to 16.5mpg. Its main use is my 30ft Travel trailer though. 9000lbs and I get 13.5mpg. I live in Colorado and pull major passes with it. It easily cruises 65mph up I-70 over the major pulls up the Rockies with the travel trailer on it. It doesn't even know the boat is behind it. LOL.

Best part is that its paid for, fits my entire family(and my neighbor's and can smoke most sport cars unloaded.

Personally, I would keep the 4runner. Get a Scan Gauge II and program the gauge for tranny temp and just drop it out of OD when it gets over 210*. The Toyota you have a is a great rig. If Toyota is ever allowed to import a diesel in the new Tundra/Sequoia, I will own one.
Thanks offroad...From what dealer told me it seems that the V-8 is harder to change the belts on than the V-6. But I agree with you on the cost and time as it seems a bit much. The more I think about and talk with others I may just hold off and have them check the belts every time the oil is changed until I absolutely have to replace. So what's this Scan Gauge II all about and is it something I could install myself?
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