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[quote=mxhideout;862387]I'm on way too many forums already, but there's a lot of useful stuff on here... Long story short, my dad had an early 80s MC many years ago, sold that and eventually bought a new '98 Gecko after building our house. Sold that about 6-7 years ago, and now that most of the kids are driving now, me and my parents have been itching to get another boat. Been looking for '87 and newer prostars for the last couple months, and they're all asking too much or they sell before we can get out there (they're all far away too).

I don't want to make this post too long, so I just wanted to say I'm going to look at a 1989 prostar 190 this Saturday. Still waiting to get more info/pics, but here's what I have been told so far. It's the 454 bbc, has a broken water pump mount from dropping the engine cover on it. Motor turns over (start is a little noisy), and the owners friend says he saw him driving it earlier this year. Interior is completely shot, and you can see there's a hole in the right rear of the boat.

So it definitely needs some work, but it's cheap, and me and my dad are willing to do some work to get it running. We'd prefer the 351 w/powerslot, but this should do for now if there's little to nothing else wrong with it.


Someone would have to pay for my gas, food and lodging to haul that boat off. Too much obvious neglect, no telling what else will show up when you try to get it running. As already stated, there are a ton of nice boats around for under 7K. Just be patient.
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