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Stereo cutting off w/ 'Chk Eng' Message??

Hi, I haven't seen this problem anywhere on the forum so I'm starting a new thread:

I have an 07 X Star SS with the Crusader 6.0 engine. As the engine is in gear and usually under power/high RPMs, the "CHK ENG" message pops up in the left digital display (under the tachometer). When this happens, the only thing that changes is the stereo cuts out. The previous owner had 4 big Wetsounds speakers on the tower and an additional amp (3 total) installed, the amp was from eBay. When this happens I can hit the 'display select' switch on the right side and it resets the system for another few minutes. The time varies from 1 min to 20 min. It only happens w/ the engine running and normally at above-idle RPM. I don't play music loud and it sometimes even happens with the stero already turned off. The system was installed at the Greenville, SC dealership.

The question: Could the stereo be tripping the Check Engine warning? If so, why? And how do I fix it? Could it be that the stereo is drawing too much from the alternator?

Thanks for the help.
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