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Originally Posted by jmhjgh View Post
The Napa fuel filters look like the case is made of aluminum. I was planning to solder on a schrader valve to a new fuel filter so that I can use a regular fuel pressure gauge to check my fuel pump. However, the aluminum case poses a problem. JB Weld may work, but I am not sure that would hold up to 40-50 psi? Maybe the female threaded connector could be drilled and tapped for 1/8" pipe thread for the schrader valve? Any other ideas?
Use a magnet to see if it's steel. If not, don't expect JB to hold. Great stuff, but I wouldn't use it for this. I would make up the brass T fitting. What about an AC or Fram filter? You want to be able to measure pressure while the engine is running at all speeds, not just when the key is ON.
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