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Gracias, sir.

I received my carb kit and tore in to things this Friday. Quickly, I realized that I did not have the right one. Even after giving the guy my carb number and him telling me what I needed to buy. Turns out they dont have a kit that fits the needs of this carb... I need a different throttle body flange gasket and marine needle and seats. We are going to have piece a kit together, which Mike's is working on now. Hopefully it wont be too much of a hassle...

That being said, seems as though the power valve is good and the other o-rings etc are in pretty decent shape. The other diagnosis was a vacuum leak, which would have been at the throttle body doesnt seem like it would be the case as the gasket is in pretty good shape also...who knows what's up. Either way, Im going to continue rebuild and put back together and test out.
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