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I started shopping again while going to order another steering wheel. I planned to just get the same 457-1, but am starting to think it may be a little more bling than my PS 190 should have. I found a Gussi Italia that retains the double down-rod design but has a sport look that better matches my PS IMO. And the matte aluminum will match the pylon and design better. I knew the 457 Grant was used by Supra for a couple of years, turns out they used both of my preferred wheels.

I found a guy selling an '03 PS steeering wheel. If I don't hear back from him tomorrow I'm going make one last ditch effort and see what a '01-09 PS wheel costs from a dealer. Probably and arm and a leg. If someone knows who made that wheel, let me know. I've done a fair amount of searching and I'm not finding a match. There are some cool three spoke wheels that are closer to the '10+ wheels too. Funny, I knew exactly what I wanted for the vinyl design, but picking a wheel? Not as much.

If you were upgrading which would you put in your boat?
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