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Originally Posted by jmhjgh View Post
New development: while out troubleshooting the boat, engine would not restart because of dead battery. Alternator was not charging. Brought it in to a rebuild shop and condenser strap broke and it took out the rotor and wiring (also burnt insulation and damaged rectifier). I am wondering if last year, it may have been overcharging at times, and this year we were seeing weird voltage spikes that would explain both injectors cutting out. Anyone think the alternator will fix my problem? Family reunion in 2 weeks, but I was not planning to drive 3 hours north to try the boat before the reunion.

Jim, I saw your note on another thread about silver soldering in a schraeder valve on a new fuel filter. Good idea, are the materials compatible? I think a co-worked has a gauge I could use if I had a schraeder valve. I think I should still check this, but I am wondering if my hopes should not be so high about the alternator?
Harley Davidson has silver-soldered their frames for almost 100 years, if not more. AFAIK, not a single one has failed at that joint. The other option is using a brass T block with compression fittings that fit GM fuel line. This can accept a brass or stainless Shrader valve and doesn't require any melting metal. You just need to make sure it won't leak if you decide to leave it in place.
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