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Congrats on the boat and nuptials sxerob and wife (does she have a name?)!

Being that we are in similar "boats" so to speak, I can safely say that I am married to two wives. And both require a lot of quality time if you know what I mean! I will add that as you browse TT and become aware of the prevelant MCOCD, I think it may be worse when the boat is a "gift" of sorts. (I feel obligated to keep it in tip-top shape)

As to the question of getting married on the boat I cannot attest to that (being Catholic) BUT the boat was at our wedding. Actually it was my wedding gift from her. Picture to follow. (For anyone out there interested in how I pulled that off.....I'll say it all started by me wanting to give notice in the wedding invites that "if guests wanted to contribute to the "boat" fund in-leu of a wedding gift that would be great". Of course I was joking but needless to say a seed was planted. So the boat showed up on the wedding day.)

As for your upgrades:

shotgun seat: Can you install a compressed gas spring to prop it open?
Cupholder: Is this for you and observer or is it for the rear seat passengers. MC has a convenient 3 spot holder that attaches to the ski pylon if that would be an option. check their website:
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