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More progress

An update from the weekend work - outer stringers are finally installed! Machine shop is working on pylon replacement and cutlass bearing is replaced. I also cleaned up the skegs, strut and rudder, getting them ready to reinstall. I also replaced the fuel tank blocks outboard of the exhaust.

The starboard was the first one in. I used US Composites medium cure epoxy with filler & 1/4" chopped glass to bed the stringers. The bedding was filled flush with the outside of the stringer and a fillet was made with epoxy and fairing compound - no glass. A plastic spoon was perfect for making a nice 3/8" radius fillet.

The fiberglass layup is 4" 6oz cloth tape over the fillets then 12" 6oz cloth tape starting about 2" past the 4" on the hull then up and over the stringer. 18oz roving was the placed over everything, overlapping every 36".

When I put the level across everything I found that the starboard factory stringer was about 1/2" higher than level... I think this is because the stringers are offset to the starboard side - MC might have just used the same template and the offset changes the height because the hull is not level. I don't plan to replicate the OEM height - everything will be at the same plane for flooring.

The hardest part was the roving - this stuff does not like to bend, and it sucks up an incredible amount of epoxy. I found the best way to get the roving to conform was to drape it over a 2x4 the night prior and let it start to take the shape. I'd align the top section of the roving and then roll down each side, stretching the glass as I went. I did both layups at once so the epoxy was tacky for the next pass. It was a long day...

Family vacation next week, so I will be on a beach dreaming about finishing my boat...
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