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Here are a few things I want to get done on the boat:

* Hinge for the shot gun seat - Why hold it open? I throw something in there or grab it out close it back up. No real thoughts, as I have never wanted to do it.
* 12 volt Outlet - Drilled and placed it in the base of the passengers' seat next to the drivers feet. Also allows for the phone gps app in instances where you will pick up weeds on the speedos. Not perfect, but better than nothing.
* Fiberglass/gelcoat repair - Had to do some patch on our old boat, used POWERPOXY Underwater Epoxy, worked great, strong and blended well enough with the hull to be it's own finish. Smooth it carefully and pan to do a little sanding.
* Boat Buddy Trailer Hitch - Safety bar is truely a two person operation. If the trailer is in far enough shouldn't be a real problem. Make sure the carpet on the bunks is wet and drive it right on. Boat buddy is very convienient until it fails, and it does tend to mark up your bow.
* Hitch Repair - Winch? If so just replace the winch. It really doesn't do much anyway, since you'll drive on and the bar holds the boat in place anyway. That said there are redundancies for a reason.
* Cup Holder on the engine cover - No good flat spot except the top of the engine cover. Clearance would likely be an issue as well as heat. If you're trying to keep your coffe warm give it a go. I've seen others pop a couple new holes on the dash so that there are two on each side of the mirror and drop in three more holders. Works ok.
* Gas Tank Cover - The false transom cover should have screws to hold it in place with finish washers. You might need to see why it's loose. Might require some anchors or even glass work to get this back to right.
* Fuel Sending Unit/Fuel Gauge
* [b] Add a Subwoofer[b]-Fuel gauge has been a thing that we chase down, and when it stops working we live with it for a while and eventually chase down again. It's working it's way onto my to do list as well. Took the radio that my brother put into this boat when we were in high school out. Wish there wasn't this extra hole in it. Might try to put a glovebox there someday to have a bit of easy/dry storage for phones and such. If I kept the radio I was toying with the idea off trying to build a removable sub box to fit up into the nose beyond the reasonably usable storage. Space in these boats is so limited I'd hate to wast any on the radio.
You're off to a great start. Congrats x 2 and welcome to the family. If you aren't considering it already I'd recommend an extended pylon. Very nice for boarding, teaching and when the boat is full you can do some recreational skiing off of it while still using the back seat.
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